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Used Equipment

C Lear and Sons specialises in the supply of good quality used foundry equipment. We carry a large stock of equipment of all types and manufacturers. The machinery can be supplied to meet our customer's individual requirements and budgets, from fully refurbished by our own engineers at our workshop facility, or simply just 'run and checked'.

We also have the capabilities of installing and commissioning most of the equipment that we supply, and if appropriate we can integrate refurbished machinery with new ancillary equipment to produce cost effective solution to complete new systems. For example we can supply green sand moulding plant made up of refurbished items such as Sand Mills, BMM Weston Moulding Machines, knockouts, etc, all linked up with new conveyors and other ancillary equipment, to provide a complete working plant within a restricted budget.

Specific items of plant can be sourced for customers who require items that we have not got in stock at any given time

Generally our stock ranges are made up of the following, but please contact us with your specific requirements.

  Green Sand Systems  

Green Sand Systems

• Green Sand Mills (Richards, August, Fordath)
• Moulding Machines (BMM Weston, Roller Lift, Pin Lift, Roll Over)
• Automatic Moulding Machines (Disa)
• Knock-outs (Richards, Hewitt Robins)
• Sand Bunkers, Moulders Hoppers
• Belt and Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors Etc

  6 tonne Reclamation Plant

Carousel and Mixer

Resin Bonded Sand Equipment

• Sand Reclamation Plants (Richards, Omega, Award, Low Level, Wedge Type)
• Continuous Mixers (Omega, Ashland, Fordath, Award, ISS)
• Pneumatic Conveyors (Omega, Simon, Richards)
• Storage Hoppers
• Compaction Tables, etc
• Carousels

  Melting Equipment  

Melting Equipment

• Induction Furnaces (Inductotherm, Taylor Made, Radyne, Calamari)
• Electric Resistance Furnaces (Morgan, Stichcombe & Cooper)
• Tilting Furnaces (Oil Fired, Gas Fired, Morgan, Stichcombe & Cooper)
• Bale Out Furnaces (Morgan, Stichcombe & Cooper)
• Rotary Furnaces
• Heat Treatment Furnaces etc.

  Core Equipment  

Core Equipment

Loramendi, Kunkel Wagner, Vogel & Schoeman, PGM Dependable, Fordath, Polygram, Eurocor, Roperwork, Hansberg.

• Cold Box
• Hot Box
• Core Sand Mixers
• Shell Core Machines
• Core Shooters
• Core Blowers
• Core Belters

  Filter Unit  

Filter Units

• Bag Filters (Spencer & Halstead, DCE UMA, AAF Fabripulse, etc)
• Reverse Jet Filters (Spencer & Halstead, DCE UMA, AAF Fabripulse, etc)
• Cartridge Filters (Spencer & Halstead, DCE UMA, AAF Fabripulse, etc)

  Fettling Equipment  

Fettling Equipment

• Shot Blast Machines (All types, Cabinets, Rooms ,Barrels, Table Plants, Hanger Type, Airless, etc, VacuBalst, Spencer Halstead, Tilghman, Pangbourne etc)
• Grinders (Rowland, Richards, Luke & Spencer, Birkett Cut Master)
• Linishers
• Cut Off saws (Birkett Cutmaster, Richards)
• Fettling Benches
• High Cycle Generators, etc


Pattern Making Equipment

• Band Saws (Wadkin)
• Sander (Wadkin)
• Planer/Thicknesser (Wadkin)
• Band Saw (Wadkin)


Miscellaneous Equipment

• Ladles (Lip Pour, Bottom Pour, Crane Ladles, Geared Ladles)
• Moulding Boxes
• Conveyors (Belt & Bucket Elevators, Belt Conveyors, Roller Conveyor)
• Handling Equipment (Swing Jibs, Light Cranes, Mould Manipulators Etc)

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The above mentioned equipment is only typical of the machinery available, please contact us with your specific requirements.